UV Lights in the Pond

There are two types of ultraviolet (UV) lights for the pond: UV Sterilizers and UV Clarifiers.

UV Sterilizers perform two functions:

  • Assist in the elimination of green water algae, exposing the algae cells to the ultra-violet light will kill the cells. This eliminates the need to add liquid water clarifiers because the UV light sterilizer prevents the algae bloom from occurring.
  • Kills bacteria and parasites in the pond that pass through the UV light system.

The UV Clarifier is not as powerful as the UV sterilizer. Unlike the UV sterilizer, the UV Clarifier does not kill the green water algae; instead it causes the algae particles to clump as the water passes though the UV light, enabling the filter mat to catch the small green water algae particles. It also does not kill parasites.

When installing your UV light system it is important to ensure that the pump used to push the water through the UV light is at the proper flow rate. If the flow rate is too fast, there is not enough time for the light to be effective.

Each spring you should replace the bulb in your UV Light. Also, be sure to turn the UV light off for at least two weeks when adding start up bacteria to your pond.