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Residential Pond Services

Your Go-To Pond Construction and Equipment Provider Services in Milford, MI

The Pond Place of Michigan offers pond services such as pond construction for koi ponds and water fountains and aerators. We also have a full stock of pond landscaping supply materials to build your pond and blend it with your current landscaping. At our store location, we have a huge inventory of pond chemicals, water features, and more to keep your pond healthy and clear.

Pond Construction & Equipment Provider: Milford, MI - residential-parent

Visit Our Retail Store for High-Quality Pond Products

The Pond Place of Michigan has partnered with the top suppliers throughout the industry to deliver the highest quality products manufactured. Our retail supercenter has over 20 water features on display to give you design ideas and the understanding of how a water feature is built. Our professional staff is well trained and has the knowledge base to ensure you have the confidence to manage your water feature on your own. We carry a full line of products in our store to help maintain and build anything from the smallest of ponds to giant lakes. We keep a very large inventory to deliver products to our customers when they walk in the door. We understand that you can order online but when dealing with pond issues there is usually not enough time to order products and wait for them. Our dedication to our customers is to have the products they need when they need them.

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