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Chemical Water Treatments

We are Milford’s Preferred Water Treatment Supplier

When your pond is improperly treated or not treated at all, it can experience overgrowth of algae and weeds, leading your pond to look unattractive. In subdivisions or commercial areas, the last thing you want is to appear as though you don’t maintain your property. The Pond Place of Michigan offers chemical water treatments to solve your pond’s overgrowth and to keep your pond looking nice.

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Chemical Water Purification Stops Unwanted Plant and Algae Growth

Pond chemistry is much more complicated than it sounds. Too much of any chemical can harm your pond and the creatures in it. For example, high levels of phosphate encourage the growth of plants and algae, rather than killing them. While plant growth can be wonderful, extreme cases when both plants and algae have taken over a pond it can be deadly to the fish. Both fish and plants are striving for air and usually the plants win this battle. Generally, we say that plants add oxygen to the water. This is true but only to an extent. We offer on-site water testing to make sure your water has the appropriate levels necessary to sustain a healthy environment, and to make sure we are giving you the correct water purification advice and products to treat your water.

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We are Licensed and Trained to Chemically Treat Your Pond

Our professionals are licensed through the state to perform chemical water treatments, including pond coloring. After we test your water, we will design a customized chemical treatment plan to effectively eliminate your unwanted plant growth. More than that, though, we are a one-stop-shop for all of your pond maintenance needs. Yes, we can test and treat your pond. However, unlike other companies, we have a vast inventory of water features such as aerators and fountains for you to add to your pond. We will be happy to install them and provide regular maintenance services for you. If you prefer to treat your pond yourself, we invite you to stop into our store where we will help you find the right products to suit your needs.

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