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Pond and Fountain Aeration

Keep Your Pond Looking Beautiful and Healthy with Pond Aeration Systems in Milford, MI

To take care of your pond or fountain’s overall health, installing a high-quality pond aeration system is critical. By circulating the water, this beautiful water feature will not only add a decorative flair to the pond, but it will also add oxygen back into your pond.

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What Type of Pond Aeration Do You Need?

The type of pond aeration system you need depends on the depth of your pond. For more shallow ponds (about 6 feet or less) a fountain aerator that sits on the surface works best. When the water spraying from the fountain rains on the pond, it increases the amount of oxygen within the water. This oxygen is needed to help bacteria grow that break down unwanted organics, such as algae.

In ponds that are deeper than 6 feet, a bottom aeration filter may be recommended to keep enough oxygen flowing throughout your entire pond. Rather than letting dark, sludgy water sit at the bottom of your pond, a bottom aerator pushes harmful gasses such as methane and sulfur to the surface, all while moving the water and oxygenating it at the same time.

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The Pond Place of Michigan is Here to Sell, Install, and Service All of Your Pond Aeration Systems

Are you not positive which type of aeration system you need in your pond? Don't worry - Pond Place is here to help you figure it out. We offer a wide range of aerator products that will keep your pond healthy and free from harmful gasses and annoying algae. Once you know what you need, we are happy to take care of the installation process for you. Our professionals have years of experience installing aerators, so rather than trying to figure it out yourself, trust our team to install it properly. Of course, if you experience problems with your aerator, whether you bought it from Pond Place or not, we are happy to help diagnose the issue and offer solutions to get it back up and running again.

Reach out to us today to keep your pond healthy and looking beautiful!

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