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Seawall Construction

Seawall Construction is a Must When You Live on a Lake

The Pond Place of Michigan is proud to offer seawall construction for our inland lakes and streams. Our professional design team can meet with you and discuss options as far as shoreline protection and erosion issues. With a combined 50 years of shoreline protection knowledge, our trained professionals will be able to come up with a seawall protection solution and product that will work for you.

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Do You Know the Damage Water and Ice Can Have on Your Property?

You live on a lake and as the years go by, you are noticing that your property is getting smaller and smaller. It's no secret that the new wakeboard boats that are taking on thousands of pounds of water are producing wave action as you see on the great lakes or even the ocean. The adverse effect of waves crashing into your unprotected shore is you are in fact literally losing property by the day. As the waves repeatedly crash on the shore and the water naturally goes back into the lake, so does a little bit of your land. The unfortunate part is per the state-mandated guidelines you are not allowed to take back the property you have lost.

Ice acts as another key contributor to shoreline damage. As the ice forms over the course of the winter, it pushes into your shoreline, causing a heaving that will not go back down. In the spring as the ice starts to break up, depending on the wind direction, you could end up with significant shoreline damage from ice drifting. Instead of helplessly losing your property, building a seawall will stop erosion and also add a beautiful aesthetic to your yard.

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Let Us Build You a Protective Seawall for Your Lakefront Home

Our staff is knowledgeable in navigating the DEQ permit process and we can facilitate the permit for you. DEQ permits in general take anywhere from 90 to 180 days so it is paramount if you are experiencing shoreline erosion that you get the permit process going as soon as possible.

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We Have a Variety of Seawall Construction Materials to Match Your Style

  • Vinyl sheet pile
  • Steel Sheet Pile
  • Galvanized sheet pile
  • Natural Boulder
  • Natural Ledge stone
  • Natural limestone
  • Rip Rap (small cobble size boulders)
  • Rosetta outcrop wall
  • Redi-wall 
  • Wood
Seawall Construction in Milford, MI | Pond Place of Michigan - Boulder_Seawall
Seawall Construction in Milford, MI | Pond Place of Michigan - Steel_Seawall Seawall Construction in Milford, MI | Pond Place of Michigan - Vinyl_Seawall
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