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Pond & Fountain Maintenance

Complete Fountain and Pond Maintenance Services in Milford, MI

Our maintenance division is devoted to residents, communities, and property managers to ensure that your pond and water feature runs all season long. Whether you have a small koi pond, simple water feature at your property entrance, or multiple ponds through the community, we can help make sure it's in tip top condition all season.

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We Have Service Options for Any of Your Koi Pond Problems

Like any other outdoor element that is exposed to Michigan's harsh conditions it is paramount to have routine maintenance done on your pond or water feature. The Pond Place of Michigan can provide a full-service custom maintenance plan to make sure your ponds are running at a superior level and free of algae and bacteria that disrupt the appearance of your water. Koi ponds need to be properly opened during the spring as the weather becomes warmer and closed before winter hits. Water pH levels and other chemicals need to be routinely monitored to ensure your pond and fish are healthy all season long. At the Pond Place, we’re happy to help you by offering services to help you maintain your koi ponds.

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Commercial Pond and Fountain Maintenance Services You Can Count on

One of the hardest things to keep track of in a commercial pond, in particular, is water consumption. At the Pond Place of Michigan, we can install a water meter that will better help you track what your water feature is using opposed to guessing. Most commercial water features have an autofill installed to keep water levels up but the downside to this is it's usually hooked into the irrigation system and you really never know how much water the feature is using. Installing a water meter can help bridge this gap and give you instant feedback if there is abnormal water loss instead of just assuming it's in the irrigation. When the high water bills come it is much easier to explain to the community where the water is going.

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Our Maintenance Services Include:

  • Spring cleaning and opening
  • Pump cleaning and evaluation
  • Pump priming and operation
  • Skimmer cleaning and installation
  • Power washing 
  • Pond lighting functionality and bulb replacement
  • Chlorination system monitoring
  • Water level monitoring 
  • Water meter installation
  • Leak detection
  • Aquatic vegetation removal
  • Seaweed clean out
  • Beach sanding and raking
  • Fountain installation and removal
  • Aeration system installation and removal
  • Pond winterization
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