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Pond Openings & Closings

Properly Maintain and Protect Your Pond in Milford, MI

Spring startups and winter closings of ponds are extremely important to maintain the quality and life span of your pond. Take the stress out of having to worry about whether your pond will survive the winter or if it will flourish throughout the spring and summer, and have us do it for you! With a staff of seasoned professionals, the Pond Place will properly shut down and start up your pond every year!

Pond cleaning

We’re Happy to Help with Your Koi Pond Opening and Closing Needs

If you live a busy lifestyle or aren't interested in maintaining a pond yourself, we offer pond services to help you. We offer spring openings and cleanings of your koi pond. During the winter, it is important to cover your koi pond to keep the water warm for the fish protected and avoid debris from infiltrating it. Over the winter, without adding any products to the water, it is common for algae and bacteria to grow within the pond. In the spring we will professionally clean your pond by removing the fish, draining the water, power washing the liner/rocks and get any debris/muck buildup out of the bottom. After the pond has been refilled and the fish are happily swimming again, we will add any necessary products or chemicals to the pond to keep it healthy and free from unwanted bacterial organisms.

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